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XL Bully Information

We do not discriminate against any dogs at Tilly's and that's why XL Bullies are welcome to our park to run free without a muzzle, Please find below FAQ's and more information from the Gov website.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can my XL Bully go in the play park without a muzzle or a lead?

A: Muzzles and Leads are only required in the car park, if other members of the public are in it. Once you are in play park you can remove all muzzles and leads if you wish.

Q: Can my XL Bully go in the play park with other dogs?

A: Yes, but only with dogs from the same household.

Government Guidelines and Advice

All XL Bullies entering the play park must have the following:

  • Public liability insurance

  • Be spayed/neutered

  • Registered with a licence

For further information please visit:

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